Mortal Kombat X & 11 All Johnny Cage Dialogue Intros and Character Banters

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Check out our mini-doc of the rise and influence of MORTAL KOMBAT in the gaming world!

Mortal Kombat X & 11 All Johnny Cage Dialogue Intros and Character Banters
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  • Aaron Samuels
    Aaron SamuelsVit më parë

    All hail the 🤴 of Mortal Kombat Komedy

  • Gamer's Little Playground

    Gamer's Little Playground

    Vit më parë

    He’s definitely the king of intros.

  • Mayka lobaton Miranda
    Mayka lobaton Miranda7 muaj më parë

    The best Mortal kombat character I don’t even care

  • Pdizz
    PdizzVit më parë

    I swear, Johnny Cage’s responses in MKX are much better-especially his voice lines with Raiden. I always laugh out loud hearing them.

  • CJRozay
    CJRozayVit më parë

    This would be awesome if you could do this with every character in MKX that's in MK11

  • Switch Bit
    Switch BitVit më parë

    There is one missing: JC - Heading for a fall Goro! Goro - How exactly? JC - I'm gonna punch you in your fucking balls.

  • Cory Lion
    Cory LionVit më parë

    Cage match 😆

  • OutsiderD
    OutsiderDVit më parë

    Cool... ...

  • Juan playz
    Juan playzVit më parë

    Nice video but why the ah shit here we go again it's cause of dashie Maybe

  • Mason K
    Mason KVit më parë

    You rule

  • Brandon Moon
    Brandon MoonVit më parë

    yoooooo. I need that youtube account picture in my life! does anybody know where I can find that thing?

  • Triple Star Plush The Plushanaitor
    Triple Star Plush The PlushanaitorVit më parë

    Johnny Cage/Johnny Cage Best dialogue ever

  • RJDavePhin
    RJDavePhinVit më parë

    To me, Johnny is most entertaining in his intros with his daughter Cassie and with Sub-Zero

  • Gingy The Scot
    Gingy The ScotVit më parë

    T H E R E C A N B E O N L Y O N E

  • Pan Ban
    Pan BanVit më parë

    I like Mk11 Cassie, but I'd like to date mkx cassie 😆

  • Gary Reeves

    Gary Reeves

    Vit më parë

    Mk11 all the way

  • Hilversumborn
    HilversumbornVit më parë

    Johnny should do comedies

  • FallenNinja
    FallenNinjaVit më parë

    MKX: uploads again Random guys: ah shit here we go again

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