Telltale The Walking Dead Definitive Edition Full Episode 4 (Season 1) 4K Ultra HD

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Telltale The Walking Dead Definitive Edition Full Episode 4 (Season 1) 4K Ultra HD
Lee is being taken to prison when the police cruiser he is in crashes off-road after hitting a walker. He escapes, and while taking shelter in a suburban home, meets Clementine, whose parents had travelled to Savannah. The two arrive at the farm of Hershel Greene, meeting Kenny, Katjaa, and their son Duck. After Hershel's son is killed by walkers, he evicts the others. The group travels to Macon, Lee's hometown, where they join another group barricaded in Lee's family's pharmacy, where Lee discovers his parents and brother are dead. The group is forced to flee but finds a nearby defensible motel to stay.
Months pass and the group runs low on supplies. They take the offer of providing gasoline to the St. Johns, who run a nearby dairy, for food, but discover that the family have engaged in cannibalism. The group overcomes the St. Johns and leave the farm to be overridden by walkers. On their way back to the motel, they come across a car packed with provisions, which they ransack. Some weeks later, the motel is attacked by bandits, which draws a walker horde. The group escapes, though Duck is bitten by a walker. Lee and Kenny are forced to evict Lilly from the group, who has become hostile after losing her father Larry during the events with the St. Johns. Continuing on, they travel to Savannah, with plans to find a boat to escape the mainland. En route, Duck succumbs to the bite, and Katjaa commits suicide over her loss.
Near Savannah, Lee's group meets Omid and Christa who join them. Clementine's walkie-talkie goes off, and a man tells her he has her parents in Savannah. The group sets up shelter in an abandoned mansion before investigating the city. Lee and Kenny go to River Street and discover that all the boats have been taken or destroyed, and useful supplies have been scavenged by the walled Crawford community. Separately from the others, Lee meets another group of survivors led by Vernon, who helps him back to the mansion, where they discover a parked motorboat in a backyard shed. Lee and the others lead a raid on Crawford for supplies but discover the whole community has been overrun by walkers. Once they return to the mansion, Vernon leaves to return to his group but tells Lee he does not think he is fit to be a guardian for Clementine.
The next morning, Lee finds Clementine and the boat missing. In his haste to find her, he is bitten by a walker. He leads the group to a morgue where Vernon's group was but finds they have vacated. Over Clementine's walkie-talkie, the stranger tells Lee to meet them at a downtown hotel, the same that Clementine's parents were staying at. After finding Vernon's group has stolen the boat, Lee's group takes to the rooftops to avoid the walkers in the city streets, but they lose several members, including apparently Kenny. Eventually, Lee becomes separated from Omid and Christa. Lee continues on alone to find Clementine held captive by the stranger, who reveals himself to be the owner of the car the group had previously ransacked, and blames Lee for the death of his family due to it. Lee and Clementine kill the stranger, and the two cover themselves in walker guts to mask their scent from the horde outside. While in the streets, Clementine finds her zombified parents and Lee collapses. When Lee wakes up, he finds Clementine has dragged him into an abandoned store. Lee tells Clementine to escape the city and find Omid and Christa.
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    Hi! Is episode 5 coming?

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    You know what happens next episode the game changed a lot in the three months I lived

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    It's the Definitive Edition.

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    It’s the Graphic Black art style fx used in the final season, that’s probably why. Makes season 3 look a lot better in particular.

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