DIABLO 2 RESSURECTED Announcement Trailer (Blizzcon 2021) 1080p 60FPS

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DIABLO 2 RESSURECTED Announcement Trailer (Blizzcon 2021) 1080p 60FPS
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  • Endless Abyss
    Endless Abyss12 ditë më parë


  • Matt Farmer
    Matt Farmer2 ditë më parë

    I just can't trust this. I haven't trusted blizzard in years much as I really want to. This was my childhood and the game that got me into the genre

  • Lean Mayco Lumaban
    Lean Mayco Lumaban7 ditë më parë

    Mephisto in the old graphic already gave me nightmares when I was 12yo. Now you're telling he's getting a n HD treatment. FINE!!!! let me kill that SOB again.

  • Maleboligia
    Maleboligia10 ditë më parë

    Nope not a fucking chance.

  • Rick Keefer
    Rick Keefer11 ditë më parë

    Oh lawd!!! This smells like Warcraft 3 reforged. More than likely going to be another shitty reforge that won’t fix any of the bugs that were in its predecessor. I will not be spending my hard earned cash on this, I learned my lesson from Warcraft 3

  • Phak Yu
    Phak Yu11 ditë më parë

    Still the best game I've ever played.. considering it was 20 years ago.. killed The Diablo with an arrow.. only after completing the game did I knew that the game can be cheated.. unlimited power⚡💪💪

  • kingkongjjs
    kingkongjjs11 ditë më parë

    Just no Y not.make 4 rather than some old crap

  • ZethHolyblade
    ZethHolyblade11 ditë më parë

    I wonder if they'll be keeping and respecting the gore, 90s nudity, and original NPC speech or if all these have been deemed _'problematic'_ for today's sensitivities... Alkor's voice actor and quotes particularly.

  • Genkiro Senji
    Genkiro Senji11 ditë më parë

    how many times they are gonna sell the same shit

  • Astra
    Astra11 ditë më parë

    stay a while and listen

  • Discovery
    Discovery11 ditë më parë

    I hope they add more than only some new graphics.

  • Cor Smit
    Cor Smit11 ditë më parë

    I am bored of you Blizzard

  • John Chan
    John Chan11 ditë më parë

    Remember reforge? Don't fucking ever preorder from blizzard or you will be fucked

  • Team Gravely Presents: PapaSlick Gaming
    Team Gravely Presents: PapaSlick Gaming11 ditë më parë

    Nicely done Playground 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • dairo1
    dairo112 ditë më parë

    Sick. Favorite game of all time, alone with wc3. This gave me shivers.

  • Raska The Slaanesh
    Raska The Slaanesh12 ditë më parë

    please no... please.... im begging you... please dont ruin Diablo 2... youve already ruined Warcraft 3... wasnt that enough ?

  • 剣
    12 ditë më parë

    Never forget WC3 Refunded. Remember 'Version Not Final, Does Not Represent Actual Game Footage'

  • darthuber
    darthuber12 ditë më parë

    A re-mastered Duriel and Rakanishu is going to be terrifying.

  • MoonCrossWarrior
    MoonCrossWarrior12 ditë më parë

    Oh fuk!

  • Tei
    Tei12 ditë më parë

    They're gonna fuck it up.

  • Ethan Hand
    Ethan Hand12 ditë më parë

    Wow, just wow. Go to see a trailer for a game, and find nothing but jerks and pretentious losers who have nothing to do with their time than Bitch and Complain.

  • DrymouthCWW
    DrymouthCWW12 ditë më parë

    Now this looks like a game i could be best friends with

  • НАТО в шоке, США обосрались
    НАТО в шоке, США обосрались12 ditë më parë

    Blizzcon 2050 - tetris remastered

  • Alexandre Gomes
    Alexandre Gomes12 ditë më parë

    Diablo II was one of the best games i played... but THAT was 20 years ago... Make Great Games Again, not trash or BS remakes......

  • kemuael
    kemuael12 ditë më parë

    Never liked these kind of games.

  • That Guy
    That Guy12 ditë më parë

    I don't trust blizzard remastered

  • Tharmine Khan
    Tharmine Khan12 ditë më parë

    Mow mow !! :D

  • Kevin
    Kevin12 ditë më parë

    Can't wait to see how much they mess this up like they did warcraft e reformed. Not buying and don't care.

  • Wing ZX1103
    Wing ZX110312 ditë më parë

    *phone rings after 20 years* Blizz: hey we're finally doing that Diablo 2 remake. Me: call me after the game comes out and there isn't an angry mob of rightfully pissed of customers. *the phone never rings again*

  • Trent Sammigrad
    Trent Sammigrad12 ditë më parë

    I like!

  • chris culbertson
    chris culbertson12 ditë më parë


  • Pseudo Gamer
    Pseudo Gamer12 ditë më parë

    Remastered looks cool 😳 but I can't play it 😔

  • albe
    albe12 ditë më parë

    remember the first rule of happy gamers: NEVER PREORDER

  • Soumik40


    11 ditë më parë

    Right.Absolutely correct.

  • Vien Hoang
    Vien Hoang12 ditë më parë

    This better not be a WARCRAFT 3 "REFUNDED"

  • Vien Hoang

    Vien Hoang

    11 ditë më parë

    @Raska The Slaanesh althe.info/number/1IaonYGFlX9nfsg/video after watching this i have more hopes. This team sounds like they know what they are doing. The WC3 flop I think Activision just wanted to push it for cash.

  • Vien Hoang

    Vien Hoang

    11 ditë më parë

    @Raska The Slaanesh the only thing about console is its offline nature which allow character modding, ex:d3. Regardless they did a really good job on d3 console, its not dumb down at all, controls are fluid although not as good as PoE on console. I read somewhere they did not make d2 remastered for so long because they lost the source code for it somewhere.

  • Raska The Slaanesh

    Raska The Slaanesh

    12 ditë më parë

    I see console, so It will be dumbed down, because thats what "for consoles" does to games

  • Vien Hoang

    Vien Hoang

    12 ditë më parë

    @American Fossil after the immortal announcement i no longer trust this company lol.

  • American Fossil

    American Fossil

    12 ditë më parë

    It will be. 10th rate garbage is all that Blizzards good for now.

  • Ярость Мозга xD
    Ярость Мозга xD12 ditë më parë

    Не прошло и 500 лет......

  • Let me see your warface!
    Let me see your warface!12 ditë më parë

    20 years ago Diablo 2 is a great game, I don't know about today.

  • dairo1


    12 ditë më parë

    @Raska The Slaanesh this is true

  • Raska The Slaanesh

    Raska The Slaanesh

    12 ditë më parë

    Diablo 2 was always great.... sadly, as we know Blizzard, they will ruin it...

  • Dazdigo
    Dazdigo12 ditë më parë

    Hopefully not another WC3 Reforged

  • Soumik40


    11 ditë më parë

    @Raska The Slaanesh due to the one and shittiest only Bobby Kottick.

  • Raska The Slaanesh

    Raska The Slaanesh

    12 ditë më parë

    Blizzard is a shithole company now, dont have your hopes up

  • Zbyszek Kiełbasa
    Zbyszek Kiełbasa12 ditë më parë

    Those graphics looks like something from mobile

  • vadrigaar
    vadrigaar12 ditë më parë

    The announcement is good and all but... choppy animations, crude drawing - this is "slav jank" level bad. This better be not what Blizz ships out. Otherwise they will be buried.

  • TitanStoriesFromBeyond
    TitanStoriesFromBeyond12 ditë më parë


  • TitanStoriesFromBeyond


    12 ditë më parë

    @Rafael Ruiz I know, but I didnt think about it at the time cuz it was a different franchise and Diablo Immortal was what came to mind when it come to dissapointments from this series

  • Rafael Ruiz

    Rafael Ruiz

    12 ditë më parë

    Yeah... That's not the lesson here. Warcraft 3 reforged is.... Jfc I was so hyped and so glad I didn't pre order

  • Order divine Warrior
    Order divine Warrior12 ditë më parë

    Destruction Diablo

  • Y. J.
    Y. J.12 ditë më parë

    Diablo 2 Reforged lmao

  • Brofisting gaming
    Brofisting gaming12 ditë më parë

    Quest: Do.Not.Fuck.Up. [Quest description: Do not fuck up]

  • Alec Davila
    Alec Davila12 ditë më parë

    They fucked something up. I can feel it.

  • DigitalConceptz
    DigitalConceptz12 ditë më parë

    What!!! Omg!!! It’s what we’ve been waiting for!! I guess I can take a break from SC2 Arcade playing the bits and pieces of a fan D2 remaster, no disrespect to any fan project none intended! I love our hardworking guys and gals but finally we get a true D2 remaster after years now.

  • mel b

    mel b

    11 ditë më parë

    @Soumik40 guessing people more so love it for just getting gear/loot and skills and continuously grinding floors/levels killing hordes of enemies...for example while i love doing that in dark souls, it's really because of everything else holding that together that keeps me there, like the lore down to finding details in item descriptions or environmental stories, hidden npc quests and mysteries u can explore, while again the cool bosses, gear/loot and such really just being the cherry on top if u will...the clever metroidvania like levels are awesome too, literally played all of from software's games, but i don't replay them once i found all the secrets if u will unlike i guess others that do for the combat and diff classes and skills...does diablo have any of that or is it just combat? maybe not for me is it?

  • mel b

    mel b

    11 ditë më parë

    @Soumik40 i guess ill look into it more, I'm just not a fan of repetitive games kind of like why i hate online games too where u do something over and over, like killing hordes of enemies, but there's never any npcs to meet with interesting dialogue and quests, no story, or the environments of such games are not for exploring, but more so just arenas or corridors, reminds me of why i hate musou games too...or does diablo have rpg single player story game like elements beyond the combat, like a pillars of eternity and divinity os or something, it doesn't it right?

  • Soumik40


    11 ditë më parë

    @mel b Warrior Within intensifies by the word Darkest.That game was a masterpiece.

  • mel b

    mel b

    12 ditë më parë

    what is this game like, i never played the diablo series but always hear people mention the 2nd entry as the best/darkest or something, how's the story, exploring environments and such or is this more like a horde clearing game than a rpg, at least that has been my impression and what's kept me from trying

  • Aleksej Stankovic
    Aleksej Stankovic12 ditë më parë

    Im very early here :)

  • Kris C
    Kris C12 ditë më parë

    oooooo nice

  • DiGiTyDarKMaN
    DiGiTyDarKMaN12 ditë më parë

    Them - "Go to hell!" Me - "Sounds great."

  • Kar4ever3
    Kar4ever312 ditë më parë

    Hmmm does that mean PD2 will be hunted down now?

  • Raska The Slaanesh

    Raska The Slaanesh

    12 ditë më parë

    hopefully not. Or my life's goal will be to bury Blizzard

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