CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS COLD WAR Gameplay Walkthrough Part 2 (XBOX SERIES X) No Commentary 1440p

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CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS COLD WAR Gameplay Walkthrough Part 2 (XBOX SERIES X) No Commentary 1440p
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is set during the Cold War in the early 1980s. The story is inspired by actual events and the campaign features locations such as East Berlin, Vietnam, Turkey, and the Soviet KGB headquarters. Players can create a custom character for the campaign, codenamed Bell, with options for different skin tones, ethnic backgrounds and genders, as well as different personality traits that provide in-game perks. The campaign will have multiple endings, dependent on player choice throughout the campaign
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  • nokat palac
    nokat palac12 ditë më parë

    Not bad but you still gotta improve

  • no U
    no U13 ditë më parë

    Can't you save the girl with the brown or kind of red hair?

  • wcw2793


    12 ditë më parë

    If you rescue or silence the captured agent.

  • Mr QuocViet
    Mr QuocViet13 ditë më parë

    Hudson was An Imposter

  • dagambler999
    dagambler99913 ditë më parë

    This is definitely a different Woods... And not in a good way.

  • E Washington
    E Washington13 ditë më parë

    Look how the Russian dude punch the spit out his mouth

  • Yansen
    Yansen14 ditë më parë

    You went for the bad ending what a numbnut

  • Pablo 2xs
    Pablo 2xs14 ditë më parë

    Heres tour target 47 “Franz Krause”

  • GTX 1080ti
    GTX 1080ti14 ditë më parë

    sony might lose all customers with 1440p displays, like me.

  • Rude Dude
    Rude Dude15 ditë më parë

    Shot Volken without a second thought, nah.

  • orangemarmaladesky
    orangemarmaladesky15 ditë më parë

    I wonder if anyone over at Treyarch as ever picked a lock before.

  • Начальник Ютуба
    Начальник Ютуба15 ditë më parë

    these Reds aint so smart. try Stalin its always Stalin)). ooh yeah) familiar stereotypes)

  • Начальник Ютуба
    Начальник Ютуба15 ditë më parë

    spetsnaz training base (anytown in usa) - such a stupid sh...t)) ridiculous)

  • Chåøs
    Chåøs15 ditë më parë

    Adler has a signature style where he always wears shades and mostly a leather jacket.

  • BottledBanana
    BottledBanana15 ditë më parë

    I gotta say these set pieces are really cool. East Berlin and Soviet era training course in a pyramid military base? Very memorable stuff.

  • Aidan Hodge-McNutt

    Aidan Hodge-McNutt

    15 ditë më parë

    This is a very different CoD.

  • Wacey Corley
    Wacey Corley15 ditë më parë

    Gamers little playground are going for the bad ending in this all you’re choices seem to reflect it

  • No Name
    No Name16 ditë më parë

    lmao this dude playing like it's multiplayer. slide, jumpshot, rush

  • Dante Moore

    Dante Moore

    15 ditë më parë

    @Cronic UNknown i hope you know its a joke.

  • Cronic UNknown

    Cronic UNknown

    15 ditë më parë

    @Dante Moore no it’s not

  • Dante Moore

    Dante Moore

    15 ditë më parë

    Thats how you teach special forces how its done. 😄

  • Faulkzy -
    Faulkzy -16 ditë më parë

    Part 3

  • David White
    David White16 ditë më parë

    I loved the spying part with pigeons cooing on the background

  • Haley Lilly Gamer
    Haley Lilly Gamer16 ditë më parë


  • Gamer's Little Playground

    Gamer's Little Playground

    16 ditë më parë


  • sir one zero
    sir one zero16 ditë më parë



    16 ditë më parë


  • 𝐕𝐅𝐗📷وحش الخدع والافلام
    𝐕𝐅𝐗📷وحش الخدع والافلام16 ditë më parë

    َ _🙂_

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