DISINTEGRATION All Cutscenes Full Story (Game Movie) @1440p 60FPS

Thank you Private Division for sending me a copy of Disintegration

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DISINTEGRATION All Cutscenes Full Story (Game Movie) @1440p 60FPS

Disintegration is an upcoming science fiction first-person shooter developed by V1 Interactive, a company founded by Halo creative director Marcus Lehto and SOCOM director Mike Gutmann, and published by Private Division.

In Earth’s near future, climate extremes, overpopulation, food shortages, and a global pandemic led to nations collapsing and humankind on the brink of extinction. Scientists adopted a means in which the human brain was removed and surgically encased into a robotic armature; a process known as Integration. It was meant to be a temporary solution to an unavoidable crisis. It was a good thing for decades, allowing humans to survive. But some of the Integrated saw this new form as the future of humanity. With no desire to reverse the process, the post-humanist Integrated stratified, calling themselves the Rayonne. Global war soon erupted, and Rayonne forces now seek to hunt down any remaining humans, forcing their integration, and destroying those who don’t share their views. In Disintegration, you play an Integrated character named Romer. He’s one of many who rebelled and are now outlawed by the Rayonne. It’s up to you to lead a small group of these Outlaws, people who have chosen to fight back and survive, into a brighter future where we protect those they care about and hope to one day become human again.

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  • TheSighBored
    TheSighBoredMuaj më parë

    Robots in clothes.. Why? It's cool to have a scarf on because the robot feels.. Cold? But it's fine that just a scarf and no pants, it's like I'm wanna be nude but hey I still need a scarf! Hahaha.. Just hilarious! Don't be so serious ya..

  • Sorcerersupreme007
    Sorcerersupreme0073 muaj më parë

    Pretty cool concepts. Reminds me of a few books I’ve read. The Fixer series by Andrew Vaillencourt and Rika’s Marauders by M. D. Cooper.

  • max hype
    max hype7 muaj më parë

    This is just TMNT but robots

  • Armaan X
    Armaan X7 muaj më parë

    15:27 tell me if I’m wrong but does she sound like the voice actor for Bangalore in apex legends

  • Archangel470


    2 muaj më parë

    Yup. That's Erica Luttrell.

  • TG- Nova
    TG- Nova8 muaj më parë

    There's definitely going to be a part 2 I can't wait till it comes out

  • Richard Patterson

    Richard Patterson

    2 muaj më parë

    Keep on waiting

  • Galphanore
    Galphanore10 muaj më parë

    I wanted to like this game, but it crashed CONSTANTLY when I tried to play it. Couldn't even complete a single mission.

  • oneoneeight steve
    oneoneeight steve10 muaj më parë

    See now Titanfall is already better than this bc at least your character can operate a mech and play on foot

  • oneoneeight steve
    oneoneeight steve10 muaj më parë

    This is like a transformers rip off with bad story line.

  • Susanna Freeman
    Susanna Freeman10 muaj më parë

    shrtlink.ca/sqirtamateur425xxx නෑමම දන්නවාමම කීවෙමි මම හිතන්නේ මම දන්නේ කාටද දොස් කියන්න කියලා

  • ZX
    ZX10 muaj më parë

    Thanks for the movie! I really enjoyed it. 😎👍❤️💥

  • Kamski Empleo
    Kamski Empleo11 muaj më parë

    1:08:10 i predicted that already

  • Dan Eyal
    Dan Eyal11 muaj më parë

    They kind of look like Transformers. I like that. :)

  • Novel Martinez
    Novel Martinez11 muaj më parë

    If machines could talk to each other they wouldn't communicate like we do. our language would be too slow for them.

  • Eileen Singleton
    Eileen Singleton11 muaj më parë

    shrtlink.ca/xxxsexygirlblow679 විසඳුමක් ඉදිරිපත් කරන්න දිනක් ඔහු සමඟ කතා කිරීමට ස්පර්ශයෙන් ඩ්‍රෝන යානයක් පැමිණ තිබේ

  • JuanPepty
    JuanPepty11 muaj më parë

    LOL knew that happy go lucky guy would be the one most likely to die. Tried my best not to get too close but honestly, he was really a good character, any longer anx i would've cried.

  • joni*98
    joni*9811 muaj më parë

    54:43 - 56:09 "Look at how they massacred my boy (Coqui) 😫" - Don Corleone, The Godfather movie

  • g00gle minus
    g00gle minus11 muaj më parë

    the enemy seems kind of braindead as you mark them and shoot one of them dead, was ai a afterthought?

  • g00gle minus

    g00gle minus

    11 muaj më parë

    scratch that, after watching for a while i relize there was no ai as you casually hover over a base with 2 friendlys below and the enemy hasnt reacted yet :P the story elements are kind of light so i assume this game isnt for those over 16 anyway so i guess im outside the target for this game anyway.

  • Crimson Thunder
    Crimson Thunder11 muaj më parë

    So Shuck just got KO'd with a piece of pipe within a minute of him being introduced. I mean his voice was awesome and his lines were actually pretty good. Super Ultron vibes, but that fucking pipe man! They totally took a giant shit on this character.

  • Kungfu101
    Kungfu10111 muaj më parë

    bruh talas voice pisses me off

  • Nastranai
    Nastranai11 muaj më parë

    I swear the shuttle keeps reminding me of the Anvil Pisces from Star Citizen... Still, seems a very good game, I hope there's more in the series. It's not often you see that kind of aerial commander style gameplay!

  • 낭만축덕
    낭만축덕11 muaj më parë

    겜 플레이 겁나 못하네 타겟팅도 헬이고 속터지긋다

  • Chandan Kishore Chutia
    Chandan Kishore Chutia11 muaj më parë

    Why I felt like the original Mass Effect series?

  • Baiswith
    Baiswith11 muaj më parë

    All things considered, I think it would've been more interesting if Romer's character design played more on the idea of him being a grav-cycle pilot; like maybe he doesn't have legs, just sockets straight into the saddle On the whole, not what I was expecting from the title, but not bad for its fairly generic plot.

  • Mikkel
    Mikkel11 muaj më parë

    14:51 Slap in 3...2...1...disapointed

  • D MorfeuS
    D MorfeuS11 muaj më parë

    GG !!!

  • jrag1000
    jrag100011 muaj më parë

    SHould've done the DOOM dr samuel hayden voice, it was way better.

  • striker danger
    striker danger11 muaj më parë

    This reminds me a bit of bionicle😅

  • Nicole Parent
    Nicole Parent11 muaj më parë

    0:58 looks like fucking stormer from hero factory I love this game already.

  • Andr Pratt
    Andr Pratt11 muaj më parë

    anyone here remember lego hero factory? as i'm getting hero factory vibes with how the characters look.

  • Nicole Parent

    Nicole Parent

    11 muaj më parë

    Goddamit I said the same thing

  • I_am_ENSanity
    I_am_ENSanity11 muaj më parë

    The game could've been so good if they tweaked the numbers a bit.

  • Emery Mcneal
    Emery Mcneal11 muaj më parë

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  • Emery Mcneal

    Emery Mcneal

    11 muaj më parë

    Eye said V=nS5Qn4Ntv3E.com

  • Emery Mcneal

    Emery Mcneal

    11 muaj më parë

    Will do Roto

  • Emery Mcneal

    Emery Mcneal

    11 muaj më parë

    Right away right away

  • ClnP
    ClnP11 muaj më parë

    Well very interesting, I liked it a lot, great sensitivity and a good story. Humans with their consciousness in android bodies, I love technology. Everything is possible.

  • Gmandark
    Gmandark11 muaj më parë

    it's really annoying when i see this sort of thing and the person playing the game is completely unable to shoot straight don't include gameplay if you're rubbish at gameplay

  • Madison Harper
    Madison Harper11 muaj më parë

    Is it just me speaking as a trans chick and IDing with a character, here, but... Does Seguin sound like a trans woman to you? Chose to integrate because of her body and a desire to realize her identity, presents femme, wanted to get away from her family, the list goes on.

  • _
    _11 muaj më parë

    proganda Transhumanism

  • Selim Karayıl
    Selim Karayıl11 muaj më parë

    They clearly made this game to have Disintegraiton series. I felt like there was multiple time skips, like in the beginning when they just met Waggoner, he mentions a gravcycle then the next scene he said Rezek worked on that gravcycle. It seemed like Rezek was already part of his crew for a long time before Romer joined in. I'm also surprised when Rezek made a body why didn't put a fail safe or weaker at least. Lastly 1:33:34 was weird, if I didn't miss something Romer showed no intention to do a s**cide mission. Overall I'm glad this game exist.

  • Anulackk
    Anulackk11 muaj më parë

    funny dat got hit by iron stick sound like it were bio body not metal lmao

  • MrFlushable
    MrFlushableVit më parë

    You do such a great job keeping the audience engaged, with just the right amount of gameplay without taking away from the actual story itself. Keep it up! Love your vids.

  • Charles S
    Charles SVit më parë

    Looks like generic trash with a light racial allegory...

  • TheNovadragon223


    Vit më parë

    @Nospam Spamisham like you?

  • Benjamin Clarke
    Benjamin ClarkeVit më parë

    This looks like shit. I think Bungie employees lucked out on Halo, they seem to just make bullshit now.

  • BuriedFlame
    BuriedFlameVit më parë

    Love channels like these who make it possible to never spend money on any electronic gaming. Instead just watch other people play it perfectly and/or put together everything of interest in it as a video.

  • Ben Buckton
    Ben BucktonVit më parë

    It seems rushed unfortunately Which really sucks - it's so close to being promising but just seems really really rough

  • Tim Horton
    Tim HortonVit më parë

    As always GLP, fantastic to watch. You guys do a great job!

  • Neilas Astelan
    Neilas AstelanVit më parë

    This looks aggressively mediocre.

  • Bannana man Of gaming
    Bannana man Of gamingVit më parë

    That death was not sad

  • Toa Olisi
    Toa OlisiVit më parë

    Great editing.

  • DragonRage61
    DragonRage61Vit më parë

    (46:58) - Awesome Robots! 🤖

  • Alan Heller
    Alan HellerVit më parë

    The Gameplay itself is quite boring (it gets after like 3-4 missions). The Story is great and interesting. OX-EYE honestly sounds like John Constantine. The sole perspective on everything, like "Oh right, mate. What you gonna do, eh ?"

  • Adam Pouchet
    Adam PouchetVit më parë

    Its it just me? But its not in 1440p60fs.

  • Vasco Francisco
    Vasco FranciscoVit më parë

    Coqui is Cocky

  • Clark Crusader II
    Clark Crusader IIVit më parë

    It's has a second game for this, I'm sure of it.

  • Edgar Santos
    Edgar SantosVit më parë

    Well uh-huh.... The game is about 2020 humans dying from the coronavirus and becoming robots

  • Rasgriz Revelations
    Rasgriz RevelationsVit më parë

    I like the grav cycle and commanding other units but, and this is just me personally, I would love to be on the ground with a rifle and a rocket launcher taking on some of those guys as well. So an option to dismount the gravcycle would be awesome.

  • Alan Heller

    Alan Heller

    Vit më parë

    I pin on that. Going on-ground would make the Gameplay be actually interesting...

  • Sam Boyer
    Sam BoyerVit më parë

    The Story is passable in my opinion, however cut scene direction and soundtrack is quite impressive!

  • Emery Mcneal

    Emery Mcneal

    11 muaj më parë

    Thanks again for gear6 game updates at www.AiaruRX2I14.GOV

  • Optimus Prime
    Optimus PrimeVit më parë

    Great concept for a game. Execution could have been better. Thank you for doing this!

  • Chiisai Ookami
    Chiisai OokamiVit më parë

    Feels like they started knocking off characters a little bit too soon, before you could really bond with them, and the relationships seemed shallow and forced. I like the setting though, it has a lot of potential that I hope can be realized in a sequel. Maybe they can even develop their characters beyond basic templates too.

  • Chuppa75


    11 muaj më parë

    You know a relationship is forced when they keep reminding you about it.

  • Archangel470


    Vit më parë

    Gonna be honest, I knew Coqui was dead as soon as I saw he had max stats, unlike everybody else. Couldn't really care for when he died and the rest of the cast didn't seem to care that much either.

  • Zach Silby
    Zach SilbyVit më parë

    Wait is that... Keanu?

  • Pvt. Dutch
    Pvt. DutchVit më parë

    Hm sounds like 2020 already except the whole robot thing...yet

  • terry mcginnis
    terry mcginnisVit më parë

    after watchin the intro i just thought so its 2021 the game?

  • Yarik
    YarikVit më parë

    Good game. Reminds me of TitanFall. This movie really doesn't do it justice. Although it can get a bit... repetitive. Hopefully this game gets a 2nd part and story DLCs in the near future.

  • Kelorin
    KelorinVit më parë

    So, everyone is an Exo from Destiny?

  • Kelorin


    Vit më parë

    @Yarik Didn't see far enough in before commenting earlier. I see that Morgan Freeman's character from Oblivion is there too.

  • Yarik


    Vit më parë

    Not everyone. And unlike EXOs, these "robots" actually have human brains inside them.

  • Sentauri
    SentauriVit më parë

    This game looks amazing. I love the combat and looks. If only this had a multiplayer massive pvp mode with control towers and units to command. I'd play it religiously. The idea that you're hovering over a battle, controlling your units, with well balanced weapons and abilities, while battling other players for control points and such makes me want it SOO BAD

  • Legionista501
    Legionista501Vit më parë

    Am i the only one the "Integrated" remind of Bionicle from Lego ?

  • Nicole Parent

    Nicole Parent

    11 muaj më parë

    No, their "faces" remind me of Stormer from Hero Factory (god I loved that)

  • Kadeem Siddon
    Kadeem SiddonVit më parë

    15:53 nasty trash panda!

  • Tom Simeon
    Tom SimeonVit më parë

    tom simeon siads I useas tisics settings programming

  • gen kidama
    gen kidamaVit më parë

    and why do you count the gameplay sequences as cutscenes

  • Jesse Watson

    Jesse Watson

    11 muaj më parë

    Dialogue and story progression perhaps?

  • gen kidama
    gen kidamaVit më parë

    damnit, what do they do besides talking ? 36 minutes in and still no action wtf is wrong with this game. not only this is a rts fps mix garbage but even the cutscenes are pointless?

  • Zacksley
    ZacksleyVit më parë

    "Devastating storms, economic collapse, rampant disease. Our world can be a terrifying place." Damn, did they rewrite that line late in production, or did they predict 2020?🤣 Edit: aight, maybe I'll rent it cause the gameplay could be fun, but this story is really lackluster... I know this was created by a co-creator of Halo CE, and to be fair, CE's story also wasn't anything to write home about, but at least it's lore and atmosphere were intriguing enough to get people invested. This is just kinda bland imo.

  • Yarik


    Vit më parë

    The story is not bad. It's clearly intended to be a 1st part of the series. They asked more questions than answered, and left a lot to learn in possible sequels.

  • Wendy Sauvageau
    Wendy SauvageauVit më parë

    I really enjoyed this can’t wait to see more

  • Matthew Anderson
    Matthew AndersonVit më parë

    Interesting, but not quite what I would go for in a game, story seems a little lacking. Seems decent enough for a second hopefully much better game though!

  • AllaMortify
    AllaMortifyVit më parë

    Was that Jennifer Hale voicing Seguin?

  • Archangel470


    Vit më parë

    Nope. Erica Luttrell (Bangalore in Apex Legends)

  • Rowena wyld
    Rowena wyldVit më parë

    next up cybyerpunk 2077 game movie all cutscenes can't wait

  • Lloyd Appoh
    Lloyd AppohVit më parë

    Hey....is it me...or does Seguin sound like Bangalore from apex legends

  • Archangel470


    Vit më parë

    Yup. Voice by Erica Luttrell.

  • Mr Aries
    Mr AriesVit më parë

    Thanks 👍🏿

  • iLucifer1999
    iLucifer1999Vit më parë

    Best distraction from anxiety is GLP. Thanks X

    FROSTYMAX RITZVit më parë

    seems run of the mill, but hey of late those are hard to come by.

  • DNA_Venom 9
    DNA_Venom 9Vit më parë

    on the mission to save or find six-oh from the city it sounds like us right now are they finna kill us or something?

  • Sgt Rock 68
    Sgt Rock 68Vit më parë

    So the black bot has a boom box, in the future, and the other has a MrT starter set? That must get old. I guess it is hard to establish personality in a bot without facial expressions. Looks good though.

  • Tt6 shooters
    Tt6 shootersVit më parë

    Can someone tell me who the voice actor for Romer is? Is that Jeff Schine?

  • Archangel470


    Vit më parë


  • Kazuki 117
    Kazuki 117Vit më parë

    When i can’t find any good movies to watch I come here

  • Morgrorul
    MorgrorulVit më parë

    15:55 TRASH PANDA !!!!!!!

  • lance blazer 17
    lance blazer 17Vit më parë

    have you done splatterhouse?

  • exploreevery
    exploreeveryVit më parë

    😍 3 days left for last of us 2

  • Morgrorul


    Vit më parë

    And we get to watch a nice train wreck

  • balliram ramsaroop
    balliram ramsaroopVit më parë

    Is it me or does Black Shuck remind you of ULTRON 🤣🤣🤣

  • ZX


    10 muaj më parë

    He does. 😎

  • jamphel dorjee
    jamphel dorjeeVit më parë

    the voice crack lul

  • Lordan Napier
    Lordan NapierVit më parë

    Can you chop the LAST OF US 2 movie into 90min episodes? 😎

  • nicky b
    nicky bVit më parë

    You know that!

  • Carlos Castillo
    Carlos CastilloVit më parë

    So uh wtf happened to shuck now. Is he now a cheesy Saturday morning cartoon villain now

  • Macyle
    MacyleVit më parë

    Titanfall 2 this is not....and that's a shame since this game had potential :/ Maybe its sequel might shine just like T2.

  • Archangel470


    Vit më parë

    @Yarik I doubt it will. I think the bad impressions and reviews are gonna steer people away from this game.

  • Yarik


    Vit më parë

    Titanfall 1 wasn't as good as Titanfall turned out to be, either. I hope Disintegration will receive a sequel.

  • Daichi Nakano
    Daichi NakanoVit më parë

    hey your not popping out of my recommendation,is it just me or youtube is not sending notifications on your videos

  • Mikkel


    11 muaj më parë

    Wouldn't suprise us.

  • Daichi Nakano

    Daichi Nakano

    Vit më parë

    @Wise One1494 I will try thanks

  • Wise One1494

    Wise One1494

    Vit më parë

    try unsubscribing then re-subscribing then turn the notification setting back on. that usually works for me

  • Daichi Nakano

    Daichi Nakano

    Vit më parë

    @Gamer's Little Playground hey I got a question is this channel run by one person or multiple people and was this channel started by one person?

  • Gamer's Little Playground

    Gamer's Little Playground

    Vit më parë

    It could be ALthe. We see it all the time where some people stop getting our notifications

  • Gabriel ToddHamilton
    Gabriel ToddHamiltonVit më parë

    Why do you not have more subscribers?

  • Hidden Ones
    Hidden OnesVit më parë

    brother when will you upload last of us 2 cutscence i am eager to know story of last of us 2

  • Gamer's Little Playground

    Gamer's Little Playground

    Vit më parë

    Yes. We’ll have it up later this week once it drops.

  • Aristercraft
    AristercraftVit më parë

    i wonder id seguin and bangalore have the same voice actress

  • shron gaming
    shron gamingVit më parë

    I hope you are planning last of us 2 all cutscenes movie will be waiting for it.

  • Eagle Lyy
    Eagle LyyVit më parë

    Hi GLP, can you do Rage 1 game cutscene, loved you since 2014.

  • SekritJay
    SekritJayVit më parë

    I wasn't even aware it was out... reviews seem to suggest it's - charitably - a bit thin but given the contemporary business model for these sort of games I'd wager they're investing for long-term play. Christ I hate the future

  • Selim Karayıl

    Selim Karayıl

    11 muaj më parë

    @moonstruck Could you actually explain the issue here? Is it because they made this game Epic exclusive? If that's the issue and nothing else then no problem.

  • Tactical Camper

    Tactical Camper

    11 muaj më parë

    @moonstruck I don't think so man, there were some great games that unfortunately were a epic games exclusives at launch because their publishers sucked schlongs, it's best to just wait for the launch rather than making weird asumptions early on.

  • Vexer Cytrol
    Vexer CytrolVit më parë

    I love it

  • Gamezone Paxi
    Gamezone PaxiVit më parë

    i am back

  • Narcos Zay
    Narcos ZayVit më parë

    Loved It!

  • Romer Elardo
    Romer ElardoVit më parë

    Hey i just saw my own name in the game. The Protagonist is my First name. Damn i love this youtube channel

  • Romer Elardo

    Romer Elardo

    Vit më parë

    @Skolmaister hey thanks dude

  • Skolmaister


    Vit më parë

    Bro you have a cool ass name dude

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