Batman Captures Two-Face For Robbing Banks (Batman Arkham Knight) Two-Faced Bandit 4k UHD

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Batman Captures Two-Face For Robbing Banks (Batman Arkham Knight) Two-Faced Bandit 4k UHD
The mission consists of three parts, each being fairly similar to each other, with a timed section with the alarm on, making loud takedowns less noisy, and when enough thugs are taken out, the alarm goes off and Batman needs to silently defeat the remaining enemies. Each location is larger than the last and require more thugs to be taken out.
After defeating the first wave of thugs in the third location, Two-Face enters the bank himself, being guarded by multiple thugs, out of which some are medics, some carry Detective Mode jammers and some are wearing optic deflection armors. After all of them are taken out, Batman takes Two-Face to the GCPD, with the latter also confiscating the money. However, it was later revealed that Two-Face anticipated the possibility that he would have been stopped by Batman before he could succeed at robbing banks and that the GCPD would confiscate the bank's money, and had exploited Batman and Nightwing's activities in destroying weapons caches owned by the Penguin by having several of his men rob banks at Bludhaven instead, resulting in him having succeeded regardless in robbing banks overall, with their proceeding to launder the money by the time Robin got involved.
00:00 - Intro Song
00:12 - Two-Faced Bandit
11:58 - Outro Song - Uprising - Fernando Zamora
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  • Keith O Farrell
    Keith O Farrell19 ditë më parë

    Brilliant content as usual GLP, I love this game. It never gets old, Keep up the good work 👍👍

  • Better Consciousness
    Better Consciousness21 ditë më parë

    dois face is not necessarily bad he just broken.

  • Robert Gericke
    Robert Gericke22 ditë më parë

    I feel like Two-Face was too easy to beat. Got taken out like a bitch.

  • lance uppercut
    lance uppercut23 ditë më parë

    Indubitably yes yes it's Billy Anderson

  • Jack4514Pool
    Jack4514Pool23 ditë më parë

    Has there every been a story arc where all the Gotham crime lords like 2-face, Black Mask, Penguin & Joker have Gang War? The War of Jokes & Riddles doesn’t count. That was a dumb story.

  • Dillon Labossiere

    Dillon Labossiere

    23 ditë më parë

    During Arkham City Penguin, Joker and Dent war for the city, and when they emerge they keep low because Suing Arkham made them rich. But before Arkham city its made clear via banter that Dent and Cobblepot basically were at war with everyone, since the mob was falling apart

  • CodError
    CodError23 ditë më parë

    This game makes it look like this is a game released in 2021

  • aec111100
    aec11110023 ditë më parë

    The graphics and details in this game have aged really well.

  • Dayan Brieva
    Dayan Brieva23 ditë më parë

    a 4k/60 patch would make this game feel like a new gen title. Holds up extremely well !

  • TheGaming Terminator241
    TheGaming Terminator24123 ditë më parë

    Two-Face looks so freaking badass awesome in Batman Arkham Knight Game!!

  • Maxwell Michaelangelo
    Maxwell Michaelangelo23 ditë më parë

    Everything about this game was so perfect voice acting stylization structure storyline etc. a pure classic indeed

  • ayaan


    22 ditë më parë

    the main things that bring the quality of this game down (for me) are the amount of times you have to use the batmobile and the awful Arkham Knight twist.

  • Golden Roar

    Golden Roar

    22 ditë më parë

    This game is so awesome

  • Jasandip Singh 2
    Jasandip Singh 223 ditë më parë


  • Jarol Mendoza
    Jarol Mendoza23 ditë më parë

    Hello there and everyone nice to see you all of you 😊

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    Philly Snippets23 ditë më parë

    Let’s see if you reply to this 🤷🏾‍♂️

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    Gamer's Little Playground

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    S😀orry but no reply.

  • Noah plays
    Noah plays23 ditë më parë


  • Abdallah Mahmoud
    Abdallah Mahmoud23 ditë më parë

    Ur my fav batman youtubet

  • Gamer's Little Playground

    Gamer's Little Playground

    23 ditë më parë


  • Eric Huard
    Eric Huard23 ditë më parë

    I like it a lot

    DAMANIQ PHILLIP23 ditë më parë

    Awesome game

  • Gamer's Little Playground

    Gamer's Little Playground

    23 ditë më parë

    We can't wait for the new Batman game.

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